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Sparrow Made Co. is a design company dedicated to the creation of high quality pieces that evoke a sense of mystery and reverence in daily life. Artist and designer Angel Fox creates with this aesthetic in mind. Please read ahead for more about the artist or scroll to the top of the page for the Sparrow Made Co. Menu and visit our contact, look book, and other pages.

Artist Statement

When I look at items created in the ancient past I am filled with a sense of mystery and wonder. It is my intention and hope to capture this feeling in all the pieces that I create. I would like for my customers to feel as though they are wearing an item that could have been created in the ancient past; large metal cuffs that would be worn with a long toga in Rome, expansive metal and semi precious stone necklaces that would give a woman a sense of power, and hand polished rough cut stones emblazoned on delicate rings, are all things I enjoy to create.  Too often our material lives are filled with the mundane and easily attained items. These items have no individuality or spark and are created in mass for a multitude of people. Gone are the days of the tradesmen honing his or her craft to their closest version of perfection. These were that crafters that tirelessly created woodblock prints for hand bound books and hammered metal and heated it in a forge to create a beautiful hand made sword. It is my desire to return to this tradition in the pieces that I create, tirelessly hand made for the essence of beauty. My designs are inspired from antiquity. Ancient items often spark a wave of new creation as I imagine the mystery of the past and strive to bring it to the future.

I attended the San Diego Art Academy for silversmithing and have designed since an early age. My artistry is always unique. I cut, forge, solder, polish and finish all my pieces by hand. I select each stone and pearl in person, and salvage much of my metal and other supplies from reclaimed and recycled materials. The feathers I use in my pieces are hand collected, sterilized, and come from cruelty free and organic sources.





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